Xbox Contact Numbers

This page is a collection of important telephone contact details for Xbox gamers, numbers range from the Microsoft support team to Xbox Live and how to best speak to a member of staff at Microsoft UK.


Microsoft are a notoriously difficult company to reach over the phone. Although they do give a number, advertised on their website as Microsoft Customer Service, there is no clear number provided for important support matters such as help with your Xbox or a customer service rep of Xbox Live. Instead Microsoft tend to encourage you to search for an anser to your problem on their support screens or go through live support on your phone. In fact it would seem Microsoft go out of their way to avoid having to speak to you the gamer; you the customer.

However we have done our best to collect and collate some of the most common telephone numbers of the Microsoft Corporation on one page. We hope they will be helpful.

Microsoft Customer Service

The Microsoft Customer Service telephone number is: 0344 800 2400. This number is the most useful one for anyone who wants to speak to a human being at Microsoft. Whether you wanty to speak to them about a faulty product, make a complaint, or report a problem with your hotmail account this is the number for you. For example if you were to purchase an Xbox from a shop – other than the Microsoft store – or online and you found it was faulty you could call Microsft on this number to report the problem. Customer service representatives on this line also offer technical support for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users.

Microsoft Customer Service – 0344 800 2400

Microsoft Store

Customers who are dissatisfied with a product purchased at a Microsoft Store UK shop can call 0800 026 0329 for assistance in fixing the problem or to request a refund. Call this number for Xbox One and Xbox 360 support for issues with a console bought in a Microsoft Store shop in the UK.

Xbox Live Support

If you require assistance from Xbox live support over the phone then you should go to the Xbox Support page, from there you can leave your telephone number by pushing the ‘request call from support’ button. A customer service agent will then phone you shortly after you leave the request.