UK Game Developers

In recent years the UK games industry has been thriving with companies springing up across the country. Of particular note is come of the new iOS games that can bu used on Apple platforms liike the iPad and iPhone. Of course there are also many great games being developed in the UK for other platforms like then Nintendo Wii and the X-Box.

Below we have listed some of the biggest game developers and manufacturers in a handy table with their contact details and the operating system that they use. Before that though is a list of the UK contact details of the main companies who design and build devices and consoles upon which you can play games:


Devices – iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV
Contact Numbers – Customer Service: 0800 107 6285, Apple Store 0800 048 0408


Devices – Desltop computers, Laptops
Contact Numbers – 0800 028 2660

Hewlett Packard

Devices – Desktop computers, Laptops
Contact Numbers – 0207 660 0596


Consoles and Devices – Xbox One, X Box 360, Microsoft Surface Book, various Pcs
Contact Numbers – 0344 800 2400


Consoles – Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Contact Numbers – General Customer Service: 0345 60 50 247, email:


Consoles – Sega Ultimate, 2DS
Contact Numbers – 0845 301 5502


Consoles – PS4, Playstation Vita
Contact Number – Sony Customer Service: 020 7365 2810