Top 5 Retro Games Consoles


With Christmas 2016 only two months away we have outlined some of the consoles that can stir memories of Christmases gone for gamers old enough to remember the 70s and 80s. There have been a plethora of rereleased consoles in 2016. The most famous of these are the NES and the Mega Drive that go head-to-head in the gaming market of Christmas 2016 – just as they did for most of the christmases in the 80s and 90s. We have also included in this top 5 some of the fantastic PCs gaming platforms of the 70s and 80s that have been revamped as slimline box consoles. Enjoy the list and happy playing.

* the tables below provide details of prices advertised on the 29th October 2016. Of course some of the prices may have been changed by the individual retailers.


NO 5 – NES Classic Edition


NES Classic Edition


Manufacturer: Nintendo
Original release date: July 15th 1983
Release date: 11th November
UK price: US price $60 so about £50
Comes with: 30 games including Donkey Kong,Ghosts n Goblins
Final Fantasy, Pac-Man. One controller. HDMI cable
Features: small, can use the controller on the Wii 8 bit.
Why buy: slick smaller revamp of thea classic 80s console with all the classic game titles. Super Mario!
Why not to buy: unrealistic graphics, poor tinny audio, very durable, less playable than the master system overall.
Enquire about buying from: Not yet available in the UK


N0 4 – Mega Drive 25th Anniversary Sonic Edition


25th Anninversary Mega Drive

Manufacturer: Sega
Release Date: October 2016
UK price: Cheapest price we found was to pre-order on the Game website for £49.99, with free UK delivery.
Original release date: August 14th 1989
Comes with: two controllers, 80 inbuilt games+Sonic the hedgehog
Features: 16 bit,
Why not to buy: Half the games are mere filler games,licensed. The consloe was licensed by but not made by Sega but not made by therefore the standards are dropped manifesting in problems such as faulty audio on some machines.
Why to Buy: However there are  loads of classic games. None the least of these is Sonic the Hedgehog, which is exclusive to this 25th anniversary special edition of the console.
Enquire about buying from:


Shop Price Phone Number
Ebay £69.99 0345 355 3229
Funstock Retro £59.99 0113 328 1187
Game £49.99 (with free delivery) 020 8827 0099


No 3 – The Commodore 64 SX


commodore 64


Manufacturer: Originally commodore, but rereleased by Retro Games LTD
Original release date: August 82
Release date: April 2017
UK Price: Not yet decided
Comes with: Preloaded games such as Sam’s Journey, a joystick if you buy the PC version
Features: choose between a PC version or a handheld console. Unlie the sega or Nintendo you can buy cartridges, so there will be many gaes to choose from hopefully
Why Buy: the Commodore 64 remains the best-selling PC of all time, so for many it will be a chance to recapture the gaming experiences of their youth.
Why not to buy: the Commodore 64 does not have the game playing power of the Sega or Nintendo consoles of the 80s. However for retro gamers the Commodore 64 will always be held in great regards. Now you can buy it in handheld.


No 2 – Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Console


Sinclair Vega


Manufacturer: Originally Sinclair Research Limited, Rerelease by Retro Games
Release date: 23rd April 1982
Rerelease date: 20 October 2016
UK Price: £99.99
Comes with: 1000 in-built games,
Features: Fantastic slimline simple design that fosuses just on the game-playing. No keyboard. A handheld version, the Vega+ on its way.
why not to buy: almost twice as expensive as some of the other retro consoles.
Why Buy: huge number of games and more can be downloaded. Games are hard to beat. Just about pips the new Commodore 64 model to take 2nd place.


Shop Price Phone Number
365 Games £74.99 0333 101 4456
Argos £99.99 0345 640 3030
eBay £76.50 0345 355 3229
Funstockretro £79.99 0133 328 1187
Game .co .uk £82.49 020 8827 0099


No 1 – Atari Flashback 6




Manufacturer: Originally Atari, rerelease by AtGames
Original release date: September 11 1977
Release date: 2015
UK Price: £39.99
Comes with: two wireless controllers,
Features: The best looking design of all the consoles. Classic games.
Why not to buy:
Why to buy: Take yourself back into the beginnings of gaming on this sleek, colourful modern design of a classic gaming PC and console. The games are absolute classic and anyone who has a love of old but great games will have hours of delight at this product. Also the cheapest of the available consoles.


Shop Price Phone Number
eBay £57.95 0345 355 3229
Argos £39.99 0345 640 3030
Amazon £50 0800 496 1081
Funstock Retro £49.99 0113 328 1187