Playstation Plus

The new Playstation Plus subscription plan is due to be released in March 2017 in all major high street shops and on online shopping platforms. This will include a raft of new games that you can access by buying the subscription plan for around 35 pounds. Games that will be included in the plan are likely to include: Littlebigplanet 3, Not a Hero and Ninja Senski DX.

Also due for release in 2017 is the Playstation 4 pro which will have 4K TV access, this is a major upgrade and will make Sony a genuine player in the home entertainment market. The future of home entertainment appears to be consoles with TV apps, Broadband connection and a host of other developments – a one size fits all collection of all your electronic and digital needs. These consoles are expected to retail at around £380.


Playstation 4 pro

The Microsoft Playstation is also set to be the home of some great new games in 2017 which will drive home it’s position as the number one games console in 2017. titles are set to include Gravity Rush 2, Tales of Berseria, Yakuza O and Horizon Zero Dawn. All these titles are expected to take gaming to new levels.