Apple users

In 2015 Apple Inc. posted revenue in excess of $233 billion, making them the world’s foremost information technology company. Their iconic products and services including  the iPad, MacBook, iPhones, iCloud, Apple TV, iWatch, and iTunes are sole through the Apple Store. The Apple Store can be accessed via their website or, if you already an Apple device via an app. Those who don’t have an Apple account can set one up after making a purchase on the website.

Apple’s iOS operating system is the programming that allows you to interact with games and other apps as you are using them on your iPad, iPhone and other Apple touchscreen devices. Because iPhones and iPads use the same operating system (iOS) most of the games available on iPad are also available on the iPhone and vice-versa.

When you buy an iPhone or iPad you will need to create an Apple ID, often your email address and also create a password. You will then be given the option of linking your new Apple ID with your bank details. Then you just need to open the Apple Store App and you are a click away from purchasing the game of your choice.

If you have any problems with the game, would like to question an order, or you have any other problems then you can contact the Apple Store directly on: 0800 048 0408.