Contact numbers for gamers


This website is a comprehensive guide to all the contact details needed for gamers who use consoles like the Wii, Playstation, Dreamcast X-Box, and for gamers who choose to play their games on PCs, Macbooks or traditional laptops. On this page, the home page, we have listed some of the major customer service contact details of companies that manufacture these machines so when you get any kind of technical issue you have the companines phone number to hand. Many people also choose to play games these days on their phones so on this page we have also listed some of the major phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Nokia.

We understand that in the modern world many people choose to play their games with friends and or strangers as part of a network brought together by the internet. Therefore on other pages we have also listed some of the major UK internet providers so that you can phone them if there is any issue with connectivity when you are playing your games.

So let’s get straight into these telephone contact details:


Telephone Contact Details for Major Technology Companies


Apple are the world’s biggest technology company having taken over from Microsoft in 2010; the same year it introduced the iPad – a machine that took game playing to the tips of our fingers with its revolutioary touch screen technology. It is fitting that Apple begins this list – a place it has won by being the first in the alphabet, and a place it deserves for being the world’s biggest computer and technology company. People play games on Apple devices including: the iPhone, iPad, Macbooks, Apple TV,

Contact Apple – Call the Apple Customer Service Team on: 0800 048 0408


In 2001 Microsoft bullied their way into the Games console market in spectacular style with their release of the Xbox. Since then their games machines have gone from strength to strength withe the latest incarnation being the Xbox One.

Contact Microsoft – Call the Microsoft Customer Service team on: 0344 800 2400


Nintendo are one of the iconic brands that grew out of the 1990s – the golden dawn of the console era. This era saw Nintendo and Sega go head to head in the battle to dominate the games market that produced brilliant games consoles such as the NES the SNES and Sega’s Master System and Mega Drive. 2016 has seen the re-emergence of this shoot-out with teh re-release of Nintendo’s NES and Sega’s Mega Drive. The tradition of fantastic Nintendo games consoles is now spear-headed by the Wii.

Contact Nintendo – Call the Nintendo Customer Service team on: 0345 605 0247


Samsung are the world’s largest smartphone company and a wide range of games can be downloaded through their Galaxy App. Samsung phones are operated through the Android programming system so games that you play will be designed and played on the android system. There are many free games available on the Galaxy App, but most of them are interrupted by advertsiements and your either need to pay to continue or suffer severe limitations to your game-playing experience. Therefore it is usually best to do some research and find a game that is quite cheap but fun, and then you will have hours of fun on your bus journeys, your breaks at work and at home.

Contact Samsung – Call the Samsung Customer Service team on: 0330 726 7864


Sega are one of the leading brands in the games market. The wonder years of the 1990s saw games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage make the Mega Drive the edge in the European games market of that decade.

Contact Sega – Call the Sega Customer Service Team on: 0845 301 5502


If the 90s was a shoot out between Sega and Nintendo then the decades since have been almost exclusvely a console war between the two big guns of Sony and Microsoft with their Xbox and Playstaion consoles respectively. Microsoft arguably have the upper hand at the moment with their PS4 and they are looking to press home their advantage at the end of 2016 with the release of the PS4 Pro a new slimline version of their Playstation. We look forward to following the reception that this model recieves.

Contact Sony – Call the Sony Customer Service Team on: 0203 538 2665